FISE opens an artists’ house in Mátranovák, a beautiful Hungarian village about 100 km to the north of Budapest. The old house (which is now under renovation) offers modest comfort but very peaceful environment. The big garden with the brook is ideal for experimenting, relaxing and concentrating. In the neighbourhood there are some ateliers where artists are working during the year. Guest-artists are kindly invited there, either as a part of their residence in our Gallery, or inversely: residence in Mátranovák and visit in the Gallery. Guest-artists are requested to make a presentation for our members and they have the possibility to introduce their art in an exhibition during their staying in the Gallery.

FISE would like to revive the tradition of artists’ colonies and is in belief, that young designers will find a real home for their activity in Mátranovák.

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H-3143 Mátranovák, Szabadság út 28.
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