In this year Valentine-day will be a little different.
We would not like to buy anything but sit and knit together!

The guest is Bartha Marianna Manna voluntary knitter and her friends.
You can come in pairs, alone, with friends - you are welcome if you know how to knit or have some question.
Please bring some yarn if you have.

When - 14th of February from 5 p.m. to 6.30 p.m.
Where - FISE Gallery, Budapest, Kálmán Imre str. 16.


Family program with Ágnes Elek and Anikó Nagy from KACS Műhely in the FISE Gallery on 10th of February at 11 a.m.
Striped, dotted, checked, hand-knitted, woven, new and old...
How can so many different textile find a place in only one housing? What kind of textiles are these? And what transforms a housing to a home?

Come and create your own pillow - and learn more about home textiles.

Recommanded from 6 years - basicly in Hungarian
Fee of the event: 1500 Ft
KACS Műhely: Ágnes Elek and Anikó Nagy

Facebook event

Exhibition of Eszter Söptei textile designer

Home textiles with Triangels, Geometric waves, Rhombuses. Playful patterns between rules and irregularity.
And why Internship? The gallery turns into a textile-interior, and the designer will be present constantly during the exhibition, move into the space of the gallery. You can mett her face to face on the opening, and online during the whole period of the exhibition.

Opening: 30th of January 6 p.m.
Opening speech: Ildikó Fazekas Art and design manager


Program for families on Saturday

Family program with Ágnes Elek and Anikó Nagy from KACS Műhely in the FISE Gallery on 13th of January at 11 a.m.

What happens in a gallery after everybody went home and the lights went out?
Exciting museum pedagogy program and experiment: what if an exhibition comes to life?!

Recommended from 6 years - basicly in Hungarian

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First exhibition in 2018 made from the works of the newest members of FISE.

Opening: 9th January 6 p.m.
Opening speech: Henrietta Fiáth, designtheorist

Balázs, Bajcsi-Nagy, Marianna Balázs, Zsófia Bíró, Hedvig Brada, Zoltán Dévai, Ágnes Elek, Emese Fabricius-Nagy, Veronika Fazekas, Klára Zsófia Hegedüs, Kinga Horányi, Gábor István Karaba, Csilla Korponay, Edina László, Andrea Mária Lőrincz, Klaudia Nagy, Zsófia Neuzer, Zsófia Papp, Tamás Réthey-Prikkel, Zsófia Szőnyegi, Nóra Tengely, Barbara Tóth, Zsófia Vágó, Anita Varga, Gergő Varga

On the invitation card and Facebook event you can see the works of Zoltán Dévai, Emese Fabricius-Nagy, Nóra Tengely, Ágnes Elek and Zsófia Neuzer
For the event, click HERE.

Exhibition of Edina Andrási ceramic designer and Eveline Kusnyár paintress

Opening ceremony: 12th of December, Tuesday 6 p.m.

Edina Andrási dissolves the borders between art and design. Her new works called „Bright deflate” are a series of sculptures with a gentle lighting function.
Thanks to the combination of paper and porcelain, she builds thin, flexible and transparent porcelain shapes. Her works are deceptive, uninitiated eyes can see them as paper. Through sags, folds and bends of the fired objects, we can see the pliable nature of the material. There is a conflict between the apparent and rational explanation of the spectacle.
The personal motivation for the shaping of the objects is formed by the formal and qualitative changes experienced on her own body. These are related to the subject of pregnancy. In their totality, they show a kind of inertness mood, which is loosened by the positive associations created by the light inside them.

In the latest, sown paintings Eveline Kusnyár experiments with connecting several different layers. She extends photos and paintings with seam. The yarn changes the original message of the artwork every time and adds a new meaning. The destructive effect of sewing on the paintings is not negligible either.

Opening speech: Ildikó Fazekas design- and artmanager
Music by Dani Baky

The exhibition is open: till 22th of December every weekday between 1 p.m. and 6. p.m.

In this series the members show their workbench: the place where plans come true, projects materialize.
Responser: BARNABÁS MÁDER - porcelain designer

Barnabás likes to work in the evening and at night, when everíbody else sleeping, so there is quiet, no telephone rings and nothing can disturb him at work. For planning he uses the traditional methods: drawing with pencil, ruler and caliper, but there are more complicated situations when using a computer can help too. For implementing he uses special tools are the 'citlings", these are metal slats in various size. Barnabás has a favourite sicling for every movement, every step.
He can get inspiration from anything, daily routines or little details or unsolved problems, moreover the idea can came from politics too. Also very important him the work with his students.
He drinks coffee and tea, coffee just with milk, tea without sugar; alcohol is for celebration!
If he has problem in work, he need break, and try to do something totally else. The problem needs its own time to be clear - sometimes it takes only 5-10 minutes but sometimes it takes days or weeks.
He likes to listening to radio while he works, especially talking broadcasts about culture, science and some politics too. But of course when the work is too intense he not really sense what is on the radio... Special tasks need special music, so he selects music to the mood of the current work.

Barnabás works in a traditionally manual profession, in craft, but he would like to have an 3D printer, he sees fantasy in the possibility, but he thinks there are a lot of shapes he try to made in a traditional way rather than plan in computer.

Further informations about Barnabás:

On the last weekend of October five great and innovative hungarian designer represented the FISE at the most prestigious exhibition and fair in Vienna, at the Blickfang.

The mission of FISE - Shapes of Hungary is to mentor starting designers and extend the opportunities of active designers, representing their interests. The great advantage of FISE is that it focuses equally on all the applied artistic fields (art, craft, design), so the professional opportunities are continuously available within the association.

Our exhibitors:

Márta Edőcs
Goabora Design - Dóra Pap-Vid
Koodform - Daniella Koos
Moringa - Réka Molnár
YOZA - István Józsa www.yoza.ez

Mora about the team of the Shapes of Hungary on the Facebook or on the Instagram!

Opening: 21th of November 6. p.m.

Opening speech: Péter Baki

"Since I met photograpy I constantly make a long-long series in which I try to express my deeper feelings. These photos are not in a concrete relation but replicate feelings, moods, abstract thoughts. It does not matter when and where are they made or what are they representing. They are rather more meditative, intimate "picture-poems", into images concentrated thoughts which are about everything and nothing in the same time.
In this exhibition there are the new pictures from this series."

The exhibition is open: till 8th of December every weekday between 1 p.m. and 6. p.m.