Face to face / Ildikó Fazekas

This series is about the management of FISE.

They are the members who can be contacted if you have some question or problem, they can be seen to come and go nervously before the events and the exhibitions…
But who are they – beyond their work?

Name: Ildikó Fazekas alias Fazi
Art theory

Zodiac: Cancer

Job you wanted as a child: Cloud-painter, but in high school atomic phisicist

Favourite month: June

If YOU will be a colour: Fieldmouse-brown

Recreation: Sunshine, books, plants, beer

Last book you read: Erdős Attila: Felvágós könyv

Last culture event or experience you enjoyed: Visit in University of Haifa Art Centerben

3 can't-live-without stuffs: appointments diary, glasses, bra

Favourite artist / designer: It is a very difficult, so I try to beg the question: Arvo Pärt, estonian composer

Project of your wishful thinking: Work in an internatoinal team

One sentence about you: "What holds together many people is the same that holds together an individual." (Erika Baglyas: Strories from nowhere / 16.)