Lenzsér-Mezei Kata: RÉZLETEK


Kata Lenzsér Mezei: RÉZLETEK

Opening: 6th of December 2016. with
György Radványi DLA professor, Ybl Prize winner architect

In her work RÉZLETEK, Kata Lenzsér-Mezei examines copper and questions it by torturing, pressing and bathing it, in chemical compounds, through jewels and objects. Or is it rather copper formations or copper images that she tells us about?
On the one hand, shaping copper is conceptual and manual work. On the other hand, it is the result of the intuitive attitude of the artist, who draws inspiration from the natural characteristics of copper.
While working it, she exploits properties like plasticity, malleability and elasticity of the metal, producing individual and non-recurrent spatial forms, which results in a deeper knowledge and understanding of the properties of the material.
Copper is soft. She wrinkles, creases and smooths it. It is organic, leathery. Among its planned creases there is something intuitive and autonomous.
Copper is hard. The object, designed with an engineer’s accuracy, is precise.
Copper is coloured. Verdigris is the boundary of art and science.

Meghívó - Rézeletek
Lenzsér-Mezei Kata