This series is about the management of FISE.

They are the members who can be contacted if you have some question or problem, they can be seen to come and go nervously before the events and the exhibitions…
But who are they – beyond their work?

Name: Rejka Erika

Zodiac: Cancer

Job you wanted as a child: ceramist (I answered it for a question in the nurcery school already)

Favourite month: Noiseless morning

If YOU will be a colour: Somewhere between the purple and the cyclamen

Recreation: Making experiments with my own works in my workroom

Last book you read:László Krasznahorkai: From North a Hill, from South a Lake, from West Roads, from East a River

Last culture event or experience you enjoyed: 12. Made in Hungary 05. meed - final event

3 can't-live-without stuffs: Wedgwood black basalt tea cup, Rosenthal Caffè Club Coffee teaspoon, and my coffee thermos flask

Favourite artist / designer:> Ai Weiwei / Sol Lewit / Ann Van Hoey

Project of your wishful thinking: Scholarship to Japan, Korea or teaching possibility in these countries

One sentence about you: I want to sleep!!!


FISE as a host organization calls for entries for craft/design professionals from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland, for taking part in the three-month long Visegrad Artist Residency Program for a scholarship grant of 750 euro/month

Deadline of online application at FISE: 1th of September, 2017.
Not to forget, that you have to prepare the description of your Residency Project (advantageous with Hungarian partners) and you have to enclose the original letter of acceptance from us (not via e-mail).
Deadline of application at VARP: 10th of September, 2017.

For more information on FISE please visit website:
For more information on VARP (rules, application info) :

Participating in the program, FISE offers opportunity of
- living in the association's apartment during the scholarship holder's research or studio work
( )
- cooperating FISE members in common projects or workshop / studio visiting possibilities in different fields of craft, photo, design, etc.
- cooperating studios in Budapest
- exhibiting in FISE Gallery as a closing event of the scholarship
- gathering impressions in Budapest, thanks to the fact, that the apartment, workshop and gallery are situated downtown of the city

The Studio of Young Designers Association (FISE/SYDA) is an NGO and working as a professional organization since 1982. Its main task is to support young professionals in starting their careers in different fields of design, including interior design, industrial design, applied graphics, textile, silicate and applied metal design. It provides the members publicity and space for exhibitions all year long in its Gallery, as well as the possibility to work in four studios. It also wishes to promote international mobility, encouraging cooperation and building networks between young designers, also from V4 countries.

Taking part in the program, please contact FISE at email address.
Application is already open.

Robert Mascher DLA, designer
president of FISE

Report after the first Design Duel Special in 2017 from Mátranovák

Thanks to the participants:
Bodnár János, University of Sopron, Applied Art Institute
Csermely Virág, University of Sopron, Applied Art Institute
Kónyi-Kiss Petra, University of Sopron, Applied Art Institute
Pósfai Barbara, University of Sopron, Applied Art Institute
Szeidl Dóra, Budapesti Metropolitan University

Thanks to the jury:
Ágoston István
Borkovics Péter
File Gabriella

Special thanks to Borkovics László and Csikó István
Special thanks to Polyák János for the organization


This series is about the management of FISE.
They are the members who can be contacted if you have some question or problem, they can be seen to come and go nervously before events and exhibitions...
But who are they - beyond their work?

Name: Robert Mascher
Design (and the leader of the management)

Zodiac: Virgo

Job what you wanted as a child: What a surprise: aircraftman

Favourite month / time of the day: May / nightfall

I YOU will be a colour: red&black

Recreation:outdoor beer-drinking, painting, but all I need is more sleep

Last book you read: Háy János: Házasságon innen és túl

Last culture event or experience you enjoyed: I’m a fun of Béla Pintér and his company, so I can say whichever performance of them

3 can’t-live-without stuffs: 1. Smartphone - what else?, 2. my beloved SAAB cars, 3. bagpack

Favourite designer / artist: Luigi Colani, who was a futuristic designer in his time, and he was found of the airplanes too
Project of your wishful thinking: I’m afraid it is a past time story already. In 2011 I had a chance to plan the inner cabin of the Virgin Galactic SpaceShip Two. I worked for a little Hungarian company, Corvus Aircraft Ltd., it was the firstclass about composit-tehcnology. My concept plans went to California and the Spaceship Company was pleased with them. But there was some financial problem at Corvus, so the company went bankrupt, and all the plans flew away... that’s called: ces’t la vie.

One sentence about you: Not your decision how long will be your life - but your decision is how wide is.

More: (OK, old things, and not exaclty pure design)


The FISE Gallery


from 31th of July till 28th of August

Next opening: 29th of August

Happy Holiday for Everyone!

News from Mátranovák

The metalsmith section occupied the artist's house at Mátranovák again. 15 of them are and work there with liquid metals and other materials and tools - wich can be frightening for an ordinary person. They work with aluminium mostly.
And there is preparing a special weathercocok for our majer helper and supporter, László Borkovics!

"Here is cheer and the weather is fine! - informed us the team - as we can see on the photos too.
Keep it up guys!

Kunigudja kertje

Retrospective question about the year 2016 with Dóra Dés-Kertész metalsmith

1. Best experience of 2016
The Jewelry Night in November. It was the result of the hard work of the organisers team - Kinga Huber, Orsi Kecskés, Szilvi Kerékgyártó, Krisztina Stomfai and Fanni Vékony. I'm proud of the gorgeous exhibitions, the new works, and the many visitors.

2. And the worst...
There wasn't just a one and big annoyance but little bad things continuously.

3. The most inspiring case from tha last year
The metalsmith art camp at Mátranovák where I was able to step out of the daily routine.

4. New experience
I started to work at home. This is a very new situation for me, I try to keep balance between work and private life.

5. New Year's resolution
I've many plans and projects, but I'm not sure all would be realized, and maybe I need some self-improvement about time-management.

Mora about Dóra:

workbench - Nagypál Dóri

Dóri Nagypál - at work

In this series the members show their workbench: the place where plans come true, projects materialize.
Responser: DÓRI NAGYPÁL interior designer, glass artist

She likes work at night but because of dealine she can work everytime when it have to.
Most of the times she uses computer for work but still likes to sketch with black gel-pen. She has a lot of loved tools - special knife, tape measure in leather capsule, pens, metal-ruler, watercolor set...
She gets inspiration from frames of mind, situations, talks and places - especially nature. Sometimes she gets new ideas from her dreams.
Next to work she likes drink teas: Yogi tea or Chai latte. And she likes to chew to concentrate - fruits or seeds can help.
She likes listening to music, not really needs quiet.

What she wants to get from the Santa: Microsoft Surface Studio.

Further information about Dóri and her works:


In this multicoloured series the colours are in the focus.
Every responder choose a colour and an object.

Player: Tünde Újszászi, artist

Colour: black and white

Whys: this time is my "black era", but there is always the white next to it

Highlighted object: White knitting needles from my grandmother

The story: I was about 10 when my grandma 'from Pest', mother of my mother teached me to knit. I owe her my enquiry after the textile and I keep and use her knitting needles since then.

More about Tünde:

Horváth Kriszta munkapad 1

Kriszta Horváth - at work!

In this series the members show their workbench: the place where plans come true, projects materialize.

The next responser: KRISZTA HORVÁTH, photographer

Check the pictures - Kriszta don't have workbench in fact, so she use all the spaces for work.

Further about her and her works:

A kiállítást megnyitja Bartha Ágnes ötvösművész, a vendégeket köszönti Mascher Róbert DLA, a FISE elnöke.
A kiállításon megtekinthetőek Rákossy Péter pergamenre készült fotogramjai.

Megnyitó: 2016.11.02. 18h A kiállítás megtekinthető: 2016.11.02-11. naponta 13-18h és
az Ékszerek Éjszakája rendezvény alatt:
11.04: 16-24h, 05.,06.: 11-18h az alkotó vezetésével.
11.05. 15-17. között: Rákossy Péter fotóművész ékszeres porté fotókat készít a látogatókról

Király Fanni az idén ősszel ünnepli PERGAMEN ékszer kísérleteinek 10. évfordulóját. A kiállítás válogat a fontosabb darabokból, és bemutatja az újdonságokat: köztük HAIKU sorozat aszimmetrikus testékszereit. Az ékszerek klasszikus japán haikuk inspirációjára születtek, megragadva egy tünékeny pillanat harmóniáját. A sorozat darabjai nemzetközi szinten elismertek, és példányaik hazai közgyűjteménybe kerültek. A pergamen kikészítésű kecskebőr felhasználásának teljesen új útját teremtették meg. .

Fanni Király has started her experiments with the PARCHMENT jewellery collection ten years ago. The exhibitions selects from the most important pieces and show the news: the HAIKU series’ asymmetrical objects, which can be worn on various parts of the human body. The jewellery was inspired by Japanese haikus from the Edo period, and tries to catch the harmony of the passing moment. The pieces of the series got an international attention, and were purchased by Hungarian public collection. They create a new way of the using of the goat parchment.

A kiállítást 2016. szeptember 13-án kedden 18 órakor,
Stomfai Krisztina ékszertervező, a Moholy-Nagy Művészeti Egyetem tanára nyitja meg.
Megtekinthető 2016. szeptember 21-ig, munkanapokon 13-18 óra között

2015. október 2-án a Design Hét keretében, a FISE Galéria által negyedik alkalommal megrendezett Design Párbajon (DESIGN FALAT / FALAT DESIGN), a FISE művésztanár tagjaiból és az ő diákjaikból összeállított csapatok mérték össze már másodjára kreativitásukat egy workshop keretén belül. A négyfős csapatoknak három óra alatt, kizárólag a helyszínen kapott anyagok, eszközök felhasználásával és bizonyos tervezési kritériumoknak megfelelve kellett a Kubizmus című fiktív kiállításunk megnyitójára olyan tálaló és szervírozó eszközöket tervezni és modellezni, amelyeket Góg Angéla food designert alkotásai és a kiállítás mottója inspiráltak. Az elkészült munkákat szakmabeli bírálókból összeállított zsűri értékelte.

Az öt csapat jó hangulatú párbaját a budapesti Kisképző (Képző- és Iparművészeti Szakközépiskola / Szakgimnázium és Kollégium) csapata nyerte meg. A párbajon az iskola felnőtt ötvös képzését képviselő diákok Németh Orsolya, Kovács Emese és Brada Hedvig voltak, Szilos András művésztanár irányításával.

A verseny díjaként a nyertes csapat lehetőséget kapott egy kiállításon való bemutatkozásra a FISE Galériában. A kiállítás keretében az iskola nappali és esti munkarendű ötvös szakos képzésének több évtized alatt kidolgozott, a mai kor igényei szerint aktualizált tanmenetének és feladatainak átfogó bemutatása valósul meg.