KIMAGU - at work

In this series the members show their workbench: the place where plans come true, projects materialize.
Responser: MÁRTON GYULA KISS alias KIMAGU, graphic designer, illustrator

Marci likes working in the evening or at night - he said it is not so surprising. But since he works in a full-time job he's active night and day.
Sometimes he uses traditionally hand-drawing techniques but his most used 'tool' is a Wacom tablet.
He is always searching for inspiration, there're lot of things could make impression to him: photography, fashion, artworks, architecture, public life, philosophy, nature, music, etc. He spends time to browse on Behance or on Pinterest. Marci doesn't like tea or coffee to work..
If he has deadlock starts to work with something else or tries to have a 'reset' by sport.
Marci uses the music as a conscious way of inspiration, he knows which music fit to which theme. His musical intrests gets a broad spectrum from the metal to synthie-pop.
His wish: a bigger worktable; but the biggest wish: a Wacom Cintiq tablet!

Further infos about Marci and his works:

Kunigudja kertje

Retrospective question about the year 2016 with Dóra Dés-Kertész metalsmith

1. Best experience of 2016
The Jewelry Night in November. It was the result of the hard work of the organisers team - Kinga Huber, Orsi Kecskés, Szilvi Kerékgyártó, Krisztina Stomfai and Fanni Vékony. I'm proud of the gorgeous exhibitions, the new works, and the many visitors.

2. And the worst...
There wasn't just a one and big annoyance but little bad things continuously.

3. The most inspiring case from tha last year
The metalsmith art camp at Mátranovák where I was able to step out of the daily routine.

4. New experience
I started to work at home. This is a very new situation for me, I try to keep balance between work and private life.

5. New Year's resolution
I've many plans and projects, but I'm not sure all would be realized, and maybe I need some self-improvement about time-management.

Mora about Dóra:

Fresh 9.

Exhibition of the newest members

Opening: 10th of January 2017. 18.00

Speach: Róbert Mascher, president of the FISE

Performance by Helga Papp (NŐStények) based on "Műértés" (directed by Gábor Attila Kovács)

Zsolt BALÁZS, Anna BÖRCSÖK,Vanda BERECZ, Dóra DARVASI, Veronika FÁBIÁN, Anna FEJÉR-SZÉKELY, Krisztina HORVÁT, Renáta HORVÁTH, Márton Gyula KISS, Kata KŐMŰVES, Nándor LANG, Ágnes MELKOVICS, Orsolya NÉMETH, Zsófi ÓZSVÁR, Balázs PÁSZTORNICZKY, István SEBESI, Luca Eszter SIMON, Péter SZABÓ, Nikoletta VÁRADY, Viktória ZACHAR

Organizer: Anna Eszter ZÁSZKALICZKY

Exhibition at Szombathely


Welcome speech:
Zsuzsanna Czenki általános Deputy Director of Savaria Museum
Opening speech: Ildikó Fazekas design- and artmanager

19.00 PAROLA
discussion with the artists

Szombathelyi Képtár Szombathely, Rákóczi Ferenc u. 12.


Kata Lenzsér Mezei: RÉZLETEK

Opening: 6th of December 2016. with
György Radványi DLA professor, Ybl Prize winner architect

In her work RÉZLETEK, Kata Lenzsér-Mezei examines copper and questions it by torturing, pressing and bathing it, in chemical compounds, through jewels and objects. Or is it rather copper formations or copper images that she tells us about?
On the one hand, shaping copper is conceptual and manual work. On the other hand, it is the result of the intuitive attitude of the artist, who draws inspiration from the natural characteristics of copper.
While working it, she exploits properties like plasticity, malleability and elasticity of the metal, producing individual and non-recurrent spatial forms, which results in a deeper knowledge and understanding of the properties of the material.
Copper is soft. She wrinkles, creases and smooths it. It is organic, leathery. Among its planned creases there is something intuitive and autonomous.
Copper is hard. The object, designed with an engineer’s accuracy, is precise.
Copper is coloured. Verdigris is the boundary of art and science.

Munkapad - Nagypál Dóri

Dóri Nagypál - at work

In this series the members show their workbench: the place where plans come true, projects materialize.
Responser: DÓRI NAGYPÁL interior designer, glass artist

She likes work at night but because of dealine she can work everytime when it have to.
Most of the times she uses computer for work but still likes to sketch with black gel-pen. She has a lot of loved tools - special knife, tape measure in leather capsule, pens, metal-ruler, watercolor set...
She gets inspiration from frames of mind, situations, talks and places - especially nature. Sometimes she gets new ideas from her dreams.
Next to work she likes drink teas: Yogi tea or Chai latte. And she likes to chew to concentrate - fruits or seeds can help.
She likes listening to music, not really needs quiet.

What she wants to get from the Santa: Microsoft Surface Studio.

Further information about Dóri and her works:


In this multicoloured series the colours are in the focus.
Every responder choose a colour and an object.

Player: Tünde Újszászi, artist

Colour: black and white

Whys: this time is my "black era", but there is always the white next to it

Highlighted object: White knitting needles from my grandmother

The story: I was about 10 when my grandma 'from Pest', mother of my mother teached me to knit. I owe her my enquiry after the textile and I keep and use her knitting needles since then.

More about Tünde:

Opening: 15.11.2016. 6PM

Independence and power. These female characters, the "Pandoras", are living a change in the traditional female roles. Their dominance is an experiment to see if they can create their own unique femininity instead of the one society expects from them. Anna Magérusz's portrait series strives to define what it means to be a woman in today's world. The visual concept derives its inspiration from classical portrait photography. Beside each image there is a short text that gives us a glimpse into their lives.

Anna Magérusz was born in Budapest. Currently she is living and working in Budapest and Barcelona, graduated from Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest at MA Photography in 2015, then she spent her traineeship with the catalan fashion photographer couple, Bela Adler & Salvador Fresneda in Barcelona. Anna's photography is personal, conceptual and documentary.

Horváth Kriszta munkapad 1

Kriszta Horváth - at work!

In this series the members show their workbench: the place where plans come true, projects materialize.

The next responser: KRISZTA HORVÁTH, photographer

Check the pictures - Kriszta don't have workbench in fact, so she use all the spaces for work.

Further about her and her works: