Gavalda könyvajánló

We have to live in lock-down again, most of us have to stay at home to be safe...
The Assotiation of FISE had to close the gallery either again.

So the member of the management started a small series about good and lovely memories, experiences to help the community stay together.

Daniella recommends her favourite books from Anna Gavalda, Marti tells her cool trip in High-Tatras, and Fazi sends a really good mucis to everyone.
Massive Attack: Protection

At the end of the year 2020, with the support of the Hungarian Academy of Arts, the applied arts collection of the Studio of Young Applied Artists Association was created! There are currently 105 outstanding works by FISE members in the unique collection. In the future, we will make it visible to the general public both at home and abroad!

SUSTAINABLE - The exhibition of textile designer Ágnes Elek

The exhibition will be opened by: art historian Iván András Bojár,
founder of the 10 million trees environmental community.
The opening will be attended by jazz trombone artist Nóra Varga.

In line with the epidemic situation, in a way that is different from our traditions, we are waiting for those interested on the basis of pre-registration for the opening on March 2 from 5 pm to 7 pm.

The opening speech will be given at 5 pm, after which 8-8 people will be able to view the exhibition by guiding the artist. Login at the link below:
Those interested can follow the event live on our Facebook page.

The exhibition is open until March 19, Monday through Friday from 1 to 6 p.m. Check in with the exact date, no later than the day before the planned visit:
It is MANDATORY to wear a MASK when visiting the exhibition.


Which is more sustainable?
Are we making something from biodegradable waste, or are we reinterpreting some raw material that is more difficult to neutralize industrially? The key is to combine recycling and everyday functionality so that the process has the smallest possible ecological footprint.

According to Ágnes Elek's education, she is a textile artist, but basically, we can see furniture and jewellery collections from her, in which textiles appear as a functional, recycled raw material. With the choice of materials, sustainability and the ever-changing fashion are treated in several ways: paper-based jewellery is almost 100% compostable or just recyclable as paper, so it doesn’t burden the environment at the end of its life cycle.

The other group of objects - as a continuation of his previous work called “Spread, Spread My Table” - are furniture made of uniquely designed, durable hardwood on the one hand, and specially made textiles from used bicycle interiors on the other.

ZOOM exhibition – jewellery and built environment
By Kata Lenzser-Mezei and Marcell Egi jewellery design artists

Exhibition is opened by Andras Gyorgy Desi, filmmaker.
Tuesday, 9th February 2021 at 5 - 7 pm.
We can receive a maximum of 8 visitors at a time in the four 30-minute time zone.
The reservation can be made at the following link:

The exhibition is open until 26th February 2021, from 1pm to 6pm from Monday to Friday.
Booking requests with an exact time, no later than the day before the planned visit, need to be sent to .

MASK is MANDATORY when visiting the exhibition.

The theme of the exhibition, ZOOM, is jewellery and the built environment. What kind of jewellery is inspired by the city’s image, geometry, structure, texture and also how it is valued, how it gives a theme to the background which also has an affect back on the jewellery.

The jewelleries in this new constellation and with a specific background form a new unit, a relief or sculpture. The meaning of jewellery expands. It's not just wearable jewellery, it's about jewellery as a piece of art, an object, an interior design element, a detail of a building. Or an architectural gesture that is reinterpreted in an object, jewellery. The substrate in this case is not the person, but the built environment. Collages and images are created, of which jewellery is an integral part.

New year, new members, new exhibition!

We are open again - but visitors have to tegister on this LINK

You can come and check the exhibition at a non-usual opening on 19th and 20th of January, Ildikó Fazekas and Gabriella Uhl will be there to talk about the artpieces.

Diósi Máté, Győrbíró Csenge, Hári István, Komár Sabrina, Labus Lili, Márföldi Dóra, Márton Marianna, Póth Rebeka, Simon Réka, Turzó Kristóf, Vándor Krisztina, Vincze-Bába Gabriella, Wachsler Vica

Please, wear a mask if you come in the gallery!

We had to close the last exhibition very soon after the opening - therefore ask the artists about their works...
At last, but not at least: Gábor Ákos Varga

(interior photos: Gábor Ákos Varga too)

We had to close the last exhibition very soon after the opening - therefore ask the artists about their works...
Second artist: Daniel Kiskéry

You can find more about him and his work on Instagram @kiskery_design

(photo: Gábor Ákos Varga)


This series is about the management of FISE.

They are the members who can be contacted if you have some question or problem, they can be seen to come and go nervously before the events and the exhibitions…
But who are they – beyond their work?

This post is the last one, hope you liked to know more about us!

Name: Anna Börcsök

Zodiac: Capricorn

Job you wanted as a child: Architecht. But I realised to be a metalsmith is much cooler, there is more self-sufficiendy in this.

Favourite month / time of the day: August, when the sunlight is not so hard and morning when the day starts. There is plenty of time to start the work, the ideas come, and all the days are still long enough.

If YOU will be a colour: Turquoise as the sea.

Recreation: Rowing on the Little-Danube.

Last book you read: Miklós Vámos: The book of fathers

Last culture event or experience you enjoyed: The exhibition of Veronika Fábián: All In at Szentendre. The opening speech from the writer Krisztián Grecsó touched me, and it was excellent to see Vera's works toghether.

3 can't-live-without stuffs: My jewelleris... the most important. There are a lot of favourites time to time. I select from my own colletions regularly but I love to make exchanges with other creators. My newest one is a KIKI collection from Kinga Horányi.

Favourite designer / artist: Ted Noten jewellwery designer, Gergye Krisztián choreographer, who I met and talked at Szombathely on a big FISE exhibition, it was an unfogettable experience!

Project of your wishful thinking: I would like to found an own jewellery company which based on marketable, sensibile and meaningful object-collections. I would like to teach at a university. There are a lot of untapped territory by the contemporary jewels and to descover it I need company.

One sentence about you: „To reach your gouls have to go through on the fiery field of distress." (Judith Sills)

More and more about Anna:, instagram: anna_borcsok


This series is about the management of FISE.
They are the members who can be contacted if you have some question or problem, they can be seen to come and go nervously before events and exhibitions...
But who are they - beyond their work?

Name: Robert Mascher
Design (and the leader of the management)

Zodiac: Virgo

Job what you wanted as a child: What a surprise: aircraftman

Favourite month / time of the day: May / nightfall

I YOU will be a colour: red&black

Recreation:outdoor beer-drinking, painting, but all I need is more sleep

Last book you read: Háy János: Házasságon innen és túl

Last culture event or experience you enjoyed: I’m a fun of Béla Pintér and his company, so I can say whichever performance of them

3 can’t-live-without stuffs: 1. Smartphone - what else?, 2. my beloved SAAB cars, 3. bagpack

Favourite designer / artist: Luigi Colani, who was a futuristic designer in his time, and he was found of the airplanes too
Project of your wishful thinking: I’m afraid it is a past time story already. In 2011 I had a chance to plan the inner cabin of the Virgin Galactic SpaceShip Two. I worked for a little Hungarian company, Corvus Aircraft Ltd., it was the firstclass about composit-tehcnology. My concept plans went to California and the Spaceship Company was pleased with them. But there was some financial problem at Corvus, so the company went bankrupt, and all the plans flew away... that’s called: ces’t la vie.

One sentence about you: Not your decision how long will be your life - but your decision is how wide is.

More: (OK, old things, and not exaclty pure design)