Anna & Anna - jewelry and photo exhibition

Anna & Anna
exhibition of Anna Börcsök jewelry designer and Anna Magérusz photographer

Opening: 24th of July, at 7 p.m.
by Ildikó Fazekas art and design manager

Two points of view, two kinds of reaction and the meeting point is here and now, which is readable back and forth...

Anna Magérusz: Paralel series
Looking for picture-pairs about the current way of life and mother nature. The parallel is clear but the emotions around these pictures are different. One picture shows the solitude and loneliness, the nature always brings calmness and peace.
"I work on this series for five years - since I moved from Budapest to Barcelona. My photographs accompanied that journey."

Anna Börcsök: Profane Holinesses series
This collection consists of toilet seats, and is adressed to the modern mankind. For those who concentrate only on their personal space. Pictures are mocking glass for public and for wearer too.
"I hate we define ourselfs as objects, I hate we have body image disorder, and I hate I have to transform myself to a perfect doll to tell my message. I
"Utálom, hogy tárgyként definiáljuk magunkra, utálom, hogy testkép zavarban szenvedünk és utálom, hogy tökéletes babává kell válnom ahhoz, hogy az üzenet célt érjen. I recommend sacrifice on the altar of contemporary jewelry."

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Megtekinthető 2018. augusztus 3-ig, hétfőtől péntekig 13 és 18 óra között!