The Passage of time - The exhibition of Nelli Szabó

The exhibition will be opened by: sculptor András Mohácsi.

In line with the epidemic situation, in a different way from our traditions, we are waiting for those interested on the basis of prior registration on April 27 from 6 pm to 8 pm. The opening speech: will take place at 6 pm, after which 7-7 people will be able to view the exhibition by guiding the exhibitors by registering in 4 more time zones. Log in to the opening at the link below:

Those interested can follow the event live on our Facebook page.
It can be viewed until 7 May 2021, Monday-Friday from 1 pm to 6 pm, with registration, with an exact date, no later than the day before the planned visit:

It is mandatory to wear a mask when visiting the exhibition!

Nelli Szabó:
The Pass_age of Time

"When we leave childhood, we slowly get used to the fact that objects are silent. Yet, when a crisis situation develops or there is a personal connection to an object, the object is able to speak, it starts talking to us. But what happens when objects they start telling us dashed stories in strange language.We are always able to listen to the objects?
In Nelli Szabó's works, objects speak to us, but the meanings of speech do not become decodable by a precisely descriptive logical field. Although its objects certainly stand in space, together they are as if they have been highlighted from the events of a dream.
It's crazy, but there's a system in it - that's how Polonius analyzes Hamlet on stage. However, this system is not easy to read, an instant report cannot be compiled from the world of exhibits that can be consumed immediately when diluted with hot water.
Nelli Szabó's exhibition consists of object quotations placed in space.
Window arch and table fragment, digital frame image stretched out like an accordion - objects collide in space at the exhibition. All this is no longer surrealism, there is no umbrella and operating table here. Nelli Szabó speaks with humor about the use of objects and sheds light on the cultural dysfunctions with the commonplaces of object functionality.
In the exhibition we can see material absurdities taken in beautiful, beaten formal poems. Wood, stone, metal, salt - here are the materials of the exhibition. And what is the menu? Hamlet omelette in Kálmán Imre street. Danish design in the orchestration of an operetta - Nelli Szabó's exhibition not only for connoisseurs. "

András Mohácsi, sculptor
Budapest, 17.04.2021.

- - -

According to presentationism, the only real things are existing in the present. Everything what was in the past or what will be in the future is non-existing. I cannot change the past, I can change the present partially and I have a minimal impact to the future. My present is a very narrow window frame or rather a blind window, on which some memories and desires are arranged into a new shape from time to time. The past and the present are a by-product of the human time perception, that helps our orientation. To carry a form from the past into the present equals with the act of remembrance. A fragment of the past that is meant to remind us of the past in the present, so we can say that it’s a romantic endeavour. The old objects function as signs in the present. Signs of the passage of time, they are reminding us that the present soon will become the past and, if we are lucky, our present desires will become our future self.