SUSTAINABLE - The exhibition of textile designer Ágnes Elek

SUSTAINABLE - The exhibition of textile designer Ágnes Elek

The exhibition will be opened by: art historian Iván András Bojár,
founder of the 10 million trees environmental community.
The opening will be attended by jazz trombone artist Nóra Varga.

In line with the epidemic situation, in a way that is different from our traditions, we are waiting for those interested on the basis of pre-registration for the opening on March 2 from 5 pm to 7 pm.

The opening speech will be given at 5 pm, after which 8-8 people will be able to view the exhibition by guiding the artist. Login at the link below:
Those interested can follow the event live on our Facebook page.

The exhibition is open until March 19, Monday through Friday from 1 to 6 p.m. Check in with the exact date, no later than the day before the planned visit:
It is MANDATORY to wear a MASK when visiting the exhibition.


Which is more sustainable?
Are we making something from biodegradable waste, or are we reinterpreting some raw material that is more difficult to neutralize industrially? The key is to combine recycling and everyday functionality so that the process has the smallest possible ecological footprint.

According to Ágnes Elek's education, she is a textile artist, but basically, we can see furniture and jewellery collections from her, in which textiles appear as a functional, recycled raw material. With the choice of materials, sustainability and the ever-changing fashion are treated in several ways: paper-based jewellery is almost 100% compostable or just recyclable as paper, so it doesn’t burden the environment at the end of its life cycle.

The other group of objects - as a continuation of his previous work called “Spread, Spread My Table” - are furniture made of uniquely designed, durable hardwood on the one hand, and specially made textiles from used bicycle interiors on the other.