workBENCH 6.

Dóri Nagypál - at work

In this series the members show their workbench: the place where plans come true, projects materialize.
Responser: DÓRI NAGYPÁL interior designer, glass artist

She likes work at night but because of dealine she can work everytime when it have to.
Most of the times she uses computer for work but still likes to sketch with black gel-pen. She has a lot of loved tools - special knife, tape measure in leather capsule, pens, metal-ruler, watercolor set...
She gets inspiration from frames of mind, situations, talks and places - especially nature. Sometimes she gets new ideas from her dreams.
Next to work she likes drink teas: Yogi tea or Chai latte. And she likes to chew to concentrate - fruits or seeds can help.
She likes listening to music, not really needs quiet.

What she wants to get from the Santa: Microsoft Surface Studio.

Further information about Dóri and her works:

workbench - Nagypál Dóri