On the next FISE Evening there will come a report about the 17th SIERAAD International Art Jewellery Fair by Fanni Király, Noémi Gera and Márta Edőcs

15th of February, Friday 6 pm.
After 6 pm for entering please ring doorbell 40. at Kálmán Imre street 16.

Organized by FISE and Art Jewelry Night of BDPST

Exhibition of the 'National Goldsmith Competition' finalists
Open: 2018. 09. 18. - 2018. 10.05.
Opening hours during ÉÉB: 09.20–21. 13:00-18:00
Opening hours: Monday-Friday: 13:00-18:00, Saturday-Sunday: closed

Facebook-event: click HERE

Tapas de H6

The H6 is a contemporary jewelry group formed by six hungarian designers: Börcsök Anna, Fazekas Veronika, Fekete Fruzsi, Horányi Kinga, Neuzer Zsófia, Tengely Nóra.
They participated in two contemporary jewelry event in the last weeks. The first one was the Melting Point in Valencia in Spain and the second one was the Autor fair in Bucharest in Romania.
The 'Tapas de H6' exhibiton is the preview and the report about their trip where they represent their newest pieces.

Opening: 15th of May Tuesday at 6 pm
Opening speech: Angéla Góg, food designer

Open till: 1st of June every weekday from 1 pm to 6 pm

Facebook event => HERE

News from Mátranovák

The metalsmith section occupied the artist's house at Mátranovák again. 15 of them are and work there with liquid metals and other materials and tools - wich can be frightening for an ordinary person. They work with aluminium mostly.
And there is preparing a special weathercocok for our majer helper and supporter, László Borkovics!

"Here is cheer and the weather is fine! - informed us the team - as we can see on the photos too.
Keep it up guys!


Report and talk about Schmuck 2017 contemporary jewelry event
Guest: István Simonyi art-historian, design-manager and collector

Open and free to join in!

25th of May (Thursday) 7 p.m. at FISE Gallery

Colours of Attila Dávid

In this multicoloured series the colours are in the focus.
Every responder choose a colour and an object.

Player: Attila Norbert Dávid metalsmith

Colour: Red.

Whys: This colour is frequent in my objects, and as I see it is frequent in my workroom too.

Highlighted object: The silver necklace behinde the grid, named: HeartPrison.

The story: It was made to a Valentine's Day Exhibition at the Gallery Sterling. It has double interpretation - just as the Valentine's Day. My heart is in prison - or - My heart is captivated. As you like it...

Further about Attila:

Kunigudja kertje

Retrospective question about the year 2016 with Dóra Dés-Kertész metalsmith

1. Best experience of 2016
The Jewelry Night in November. It was the result of the hard work of the organisers team - Kinga Huber, Orsi Kecskés, Szilvi Kerékgyártó, Krisztina Stomfai and Fanni Vékony. I'm proud of the gorgeous exhibitions, the new works, and the many visitors.

2. And the worst...
There wasn't just a one and big annoyance but little bad things continuously.

3. The most inspiring case from tha last year
The metalsmith art camp at Mátranovák where I was able to step out of the daily routine.

4. New experience
I started to work at home. This is a very new situation for me, I try to keep balance between work and private life.

5. New Year's resolution
I've many plans and projects, but I'm not sure all would be realized, and maybe I need some self-improvement about time-management.

Mora about Dóra:

Meghívó - Rézeletek


Kata Lenzsér Mezei: RÉZLETEK

Opening: 6th of December 2016. with
György Radványi DLA professor, Ybl Prize winner architect

In her work RÉZLETEK, Kata Lenzsér-Mezei examines copper and questions it by torturing, pressing and bathing it, in chemical compounds, through jewels and objects. Or is it rather copper formations or copper images that she tells us about?
On the one hand, shaping copper is conceptual and manual work. On the other hand, it is the result of the intuitive attitude of the artist, who draws inspiration from the natural characteristics of copper.
While working it, she exploits properties like plasticity, malleability and elasticity of the metal, producing individual and non-recurrent spatial forms, which results in a deeper knowledge and understanding of the properties of the material.
Copper is soft. She wrinkles, creases and smooths it. It is organic, leathery. Among its planned creases there is something intuitive and autonomous.
Copper is hard. The object, designed with an engineer’s accuracy, is precise.
Copper is coloured. Verdigris is the boundary of art and science.

A kiállítást megnyitja Bartha Ágnes ötvösművész, a vendégeket köszönti Mascher Róbert DLA, a FISE elnöke.
A kiállításon megtekinthetőek Rákossy Péter pergamenre készült fotogramjai.

Megnyitó: 2016.11.02. 18h A kiállítás megtekinthető: 2016.11.02-11. naponta 13-18h és
az Ékszerek Éjszakája rendezvény alatt:
11.04: 16-24h, 05.,06.: 11-18h az alkotó vezetésével.
11.05. 15-17. között: Rákossy Péter fotóművész ékszeres porté fotókat készít a látogatókról

Király Fanni az idén ősszel ünnepli PERGAMEN ékszer kísérleteinek 10. évfordulóját. A kiállítás válogat a fontosabb darabokból, és bemutatja az újdonságokat: köztük HAIKU sorozat aszimmetrikus testékszereit. Az ékszerek klasszikus japán haikuk inspirációjára születtek, megragadva egy tünékeny pillanat harmóniáját. A sorozat darabjai nemzetközi szinten elismertek, és példányaik hazai közgyűjteménybe kerültek. A pergamen kikészítésű kecskebőr felhasználásának teljesen új útját teremtették meg. .

Fanni Király has started her experiments with the PARCHMENT jewellery collection ten years ago. The exhibitions selects from the most important pieces and show the news: the HAIKU series’ asymmetrical objects, which can be worn on various parts of the human body. The jewellery was inspired by Japanese haikus from the Edo period, and tries to catch the harmony of the passing moment. The pieces of the series got an international attention, and were purchased by Hungarian public collection. They create a new way of the using of the goat parchment.