Archetypes - Exhibition of jewelery designer Gizella Zsófia Bíró

Opening: Tuesday, June 15, 2021. In line with the epidemic situation, we are waiting for those interested between 6 pm and 8 pm, in a different way than our traditions, by prior registration.
The opening starts at 6 pm, after which 7-7 people can view the exhibition by registering in 8 more time zones, while listening to the thoughts of Melinda Molnár.

The exhibition can be viewed from June 15 to June 25, 2021, Monday to Friday from 1 to 6 p.m.
The creation of the works and the event was supported by the National Cultural Fund


Biró Zsófia Gizella jewelry designer Archetypes c. his solo exhibition is a continuation of the self-knowledge works of previous years.
This year’s jewelry series was inspired by 12 female archetypes. These characters of ancient origin come from the subconscious and are characteristic of all people. Different characters can become stronger in us at each stage of life. The jewelry on display can be linked to these personality types.
Once again, the designer used a special material: the metal structures used as the raw material for the jewelry were created in individual experiments. The pierced surfaces and interesting textures hide a mysterious shadow for visitors.
We welcome all those interested to the opening, where they can map out the characteristics of themselves and their loved ones!

The designer's work can be viewed at the following link:
The solo show entitled ‘Archetypes’ of Zsófia Gizella Biró jewelry designer is the continuation of her works on the theme of self-knowledge from the previous years.
This year’s jewelry series was inspired by 12 female archetypes. These characters of ancient origin stem from the subconscious and apply to everybody.
Each life stage may enhance different characteristics. The jewels on display at the exhibition are related to these personality types.
The designer artist used special materials again: the metal structures that provide the basis of the jewels are the results of numerous experiments. Mysterious shadows are hidden within the openwork surfaces and textures.
We are looking forward to meeting all who are interested at the opening event, where we invite you to explore your own as well as your loved ones’ personality traits!

The event and the artworks have been funded by the National Cultural Fund of Hungary